NOTE: This is not my original work rather an insightful piece I thought I’d share with my readers.

By Mwenda Thuranira – NMG

Whether you got first class, second class, pass, whether you studied law, software engineering, production, chemical, actuarial, education… THERE ARE NO JOBS.

The first thing you need to do as a graduate is to separate yourself from that sense of entitlement, that thinking that you deserve the best because you worked hard in school. Life out there is different.

Secondly as a graduate, for a moment don’t be fixated on what you studied, most people are employed in fields that they did not study, they end up doing well and pursuing it as a career. I studied BA in Sociology and Linguistics in my Undergraduate and would probably be a senior Administrator in the Ministry of Interior and Coordination of Government by now. But I got a kibarua at the Nation Media Group as a Marketing Assistant three months after leaving KU. I did the job so well that after completing the three months contract the bosses wanted to retain me. There was an opening at the Editorial Department and I was interviewed for it. I made it and ended doing Nine Years at the NMG and honing my skills as a journalist. You won’t always get a job in the field you trained in.

Third, when you graduate don’t limit yourself to the big companies you read in the newspaper because everyone is applying there and they can’t absorb every graduate.

Trying your luck in the so called funny, small organizations that are down town could see you a manager in two years, unlike being an intern at PWC, KEMRI or those so called blue chip companies.

Fourth, getting regret or no response does not mean you stop applying. I know someone who made more than 1000 applications over a period of one year before they got their first job “Intern” then retained in the same organization.

Fifth, the attitude you display when doing your first job will determine your growth. At a car wash, you may strike a conversation with a CEO of a company, as a waiter, as a cleaner.

I know of a friend who picked a messengers job in Unga Limited. Today he is a senior manager in production right from the other managers sending him to buy Mandazi, and one day they asked what he studied.

When you are in sales, you could be selling loans, insurance, utensils to your next employer. The concept of getting such a job is to get you out of the house, interact with people and connect you to the next level.

Sitting in the house as a graduate will not change your life, complaining on Twitter will not bring a job. Sending 1, 2, 20 applications is not enough until you get an opportunity.
If you find a company or someone willing to absorb you as an intern even if you have a masters take it, that 3 months on job training can change your life.

Going for a masters in the same field you studied that has made you jobless is a mistake, employers start seeing you overqualified for junior position and unqualified for senior position because you don’t have work experience.

Getting a job before masters opens your mind beyond textbook knowledge and you start seeing which careers you can pursue that suit your experience.

Finally, all you need is a job (employed or self-employed) to enable you get money to print your CV, buy nice clothes for the next interviews to your dream job. Grab any offer that comes your way and don’t be choosy. . . .
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Hey love squad😜😜. Its been long since I did a post and well i don’t really have a valid reason why🤐 but i’m back now.🤗


I was in a bus going to town with my cousin and he asked me, “Do you know Chester.” At first it didn’t really ring a bell since I thought he was talking about a friend until he explained that it was one year since his death. We’ve all had of Avicii and Bennington Chester. Some of us because we were and still are die hard fans of their music others because on certain days the world was mourning their deaths and everyone of our friends was probably mentioning them.

They were legends of the 21st century, I’d say. Too bad death had to snatch them from us but maybe they are now in a better place than they were when they were alive.

Both legends had much in common in that they made thousands of crowds go crazy when on stage, had the celebrity lifestyle which of us wish and both died by suicide reason been depression. And not forgetting they were introverts.

But then again why would someone living the lifestyle most of us desire kill himself? Doesn’t he earn enough to last him a lifetime? Avicii was only 28 probably at the peek of his career when every artist would want a piece of his work in their songs to make it a hit.

My cousin asked me why someone would stay silent about his problems when he could talk to someone. I didn’t really answer him because I knew my reasoning wouldn’t really be enough for him and we’d end up arguing about it till we got to our destination. At that point I knew that he really didn’t know me so well even after Twenty years of both our existence. I don’t talk about my problems either instead I have ways of solving them myself maybe by ignoring them,listening to music,sleeping or anything that doesn’t involve actual conversations with people.

For our legends they had a huge number of followers on social media and of course had friends and family but still they felt that no one would understand their problems. No one would be good enough to solve them. Instead they drowned into drugs because they were depressed and when they couldn’t take more of it they committed suicide.

Being in a room full of people or having a large number of followers means nothing when none of them can really see you drowning. It gets even harder when no one can relate to your pain. When no one can see you suffer psychologically,emotionally or mentally and sometimes even physically because you good at masking it.

Always having your guard up and building walls that you never wish to break for anyone. A lot of things in life push us to build the castles. Stuff like family,friends,work pressure,social media,school,relationships you name them.

Everyone will tell you to go out and make friends but how can you when you are repulsive to any kind of social contact,when everyone you approach is either judgemental or has a class.

Ever have that feeling when you wake up and you so positive about life and everything until you get out the door and realise you are living the reality and not a dream. And at that point you get back to your old self and push away all thoughts about socializing.

Its okay to feel all that,to feel exhausted and drained after a short while of socializing. You shouldn’t put too much pressure on yourself trying to explain to people how you feel. Honestly, at some point I was bothered by not having friends but instead of locking myself up in my room and feeling sorry about my ‘lonely self’ I decided that it was time to quit trying. So below are some of my ways of dealing with stress.

  • Write down how you feel, what makes you angry or hurts you.

The more you write,the lesser you feel the issue burdening you. After writing,read it and discard the piece of paper.

  • Listen to music.

Listen to uplifting and inspirational music. Avoid music that talks about problems,stress or depression. If the inspirational doesn’t work, you can always opt to listen to more instrumental music. You may not understand the lyrics but dancing along the beat will help you relieve stress.

  • Learn and develop new hobbies

Currently I’m learning how to knit using crochets. Its really fun. Engage in a hobby that requires your energy both mentally and physically so you won’t have to think about your problems.

Just remember that you don’t have to change who you are to fit into the world. The world is big enough to accommodate you,him,her,them and I.


Till next time dears❤❤

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Be blessed💙


Smile not for the lens

People say that a smile speaks volume and reveals the true state of a person’s heart. It conveys not just a happy disposition but also a readiness to accept possibilities and outcomes.

Nobody’s is perfect. Some days will always be harder than some and sometimes no matter how much you try,life will throw up challenges and disappointments. The ability to look on the brighter side and keep your happy going is a key in living a really great life.

Choosing to be positive and optimistic will ultimately help you to become the person you want to be. Positivity is a mindset that is set towards seeing opportunities everywhere and making an effort to use them.

Being positive and optimistic is not living in denial but rather it is acknowledging and accepting the reality as it is and choosing to look for the positiveness and opportunities for growth.

Forgiving and letting go is ultimately the way for a happy life. Holding grudges against those who do wrong to us prevents us from moving forward.

Make the first move;don’t wait for others to ask for forgiveness so you can forgive them. Forgive without been asked. That will lessen the burden for you.

Create your own happiness by seeing the beauty in everything. The world is messy at times(most times rather) but there will always be the beauty it preserves for those who accept it.

Staying positive and keeping that smile is a continuous process that requires you to constantly challenge yourself. Its not something that happens in one day or overnight.

Train your mind to have positive thoughts and in a matter of time things will flow. The bad will turn out to be a great opportunity to do things right.

Just like its said “a habit is a disease.” The thoughts and actions will become an everyday process that will ultimately be a natural and instinctive part of you.


Till next time dears. Don’t forget stay positive and smile😇😊

Be blessed ❤❤

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Bonus to ‘thee riches’

Ever wonder why others just succeed in their lives and you just glued to the same point? People whom you started a journey together;maybe in school,at your work place. Even others come and still leave you at the same point in  your life stuck like a hundred  year old tree(behind your great grandparents house😂😂😂).

Sometimes it makes you think that you are inadequate,not good enough for anything. I know how that feels….and it really sucks.😖😖. I have been there,seeing others achieve so much with their lives and it occurs  to me that am just the same old me,nothing to show off to the world.

But then i realised that the problem is not that i luck something or anything. We have a great God who ensures that we all have something or someone to help us fulfill our purpose. If He didn’t give you the ability to understand in class,then he gave you a talent. He made sure that when you luck in one thing then you are richest in another.

Thus its upon us to discover what it is that God gave us so we can be able to fulfill our purpose on earth. To make the difference we were meant to make.Once we discover this,then the only thing left is for us to cultivate;take care of our riches and wait for the success. Not also forgetting to ask Him for guidance.

Cultivating our riches means putting in that extra effort so as to succed;the extra energy,extra time,extra patience,extra push. Its not easy and it will never be, giving up seems like the best option we have sometimes. We have to put God first. Not only  turning to Him when the going gets tough,even in your archievements thank Him.


Till next week dears. Be blessed❤❤❤❤❤

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    Scars of the past

    Hello loves😆hope you doing okay as you usher in the new year(making those resolutions that we forget halfway through the year😂😂😂).2017 is finally over,had its share of memorable,unforgetable,bad and veery bad times but its gone(I hope and pray that 2018 will be a bit nice)and is in the past which brings us to our today’s topic: the past

    Its a ghost that haunts only when you haunt it.Can’t be erased neither changed. Toxic;kills one slowly mentally and physically.Everyone has either a crazy,weird,shitty,memorable past and  if not you are living in a it in the present that will someday be a memory. 

    We all have a past some messier than others but we don’t have to dwell on it. Some mistakes of the past are not even our doing yet we make it hard on ourselves. Why  Deter ourselves from doing so much?

    The past is not ours when we are living in the future we want,people can’t change what cooked in their past or what knocked them down.Humans are not destined to die with their past no past is tied on ones life..if you bid with rejection of it.You past may ache and bring you down but your future is what you live upto and work hard for,’No human was born a fool,you are rich in the mindset.

    You are a special ingredient to yourself dont speak of cases or why you.’No never;that’s a river you need to cross with or without means of transport, “if you can’t run walk,if you can walk crawl and if you can’t crawl just hold on onto anything but make sure you move.


    As always comments and feedbacks are much appreciated…..

    Be blessed❤❤

    Lies we tell ourselves.

    Lately I have been thinking of what makes me not achieve my goals and what makes me be left out on big opportunities that would otherwise change my life and I’ve realised its all in my mind…’the lies I train my mind to believe in’

    The most destructive lies are the ones in our heads….they prevent us from doing what we can.For me I think the ones i’ve listed below are what pulls many of us behind.


    The worst lies are the lies we tell ourselves. We live in denial of what we do,even what we think. We do this because we are afraid. We fear we will not find love,and when we find it we fear we’ll lose it. We fear that if we don’t have love we will be unhappy.                     ~~Richard Bach

    💠I’m okey.

    We don’t like to dig in and examine what is going on.Why? Because when we start looking,we often find areas that need fixing  but we’re to busy to fix it.

    So we just assume we are okey until some tragedy happens then do we realize we aren’t as okey as we thought.

    We should own up to our weaknesses and honestly admit them to God so He can help us through.Talking to someone about it also helps.

    💠 That’s just the way I am.

    Just because a destructive pattern becomes a habit doesn’t mean it should be your character.Making a pattern a trait or part of whom we are destroys our inner beauty and our true character.

    We end up saying it’s our nature and it can’t be fixed but in reality we are lying to others and ourselves just to avoid taking responsibility.

    💠I can do that tomorrow.

    Procastination is the mother of failure and lures all dreams. I’d always wanted to learn how to knit but everytime i’d say i’ll start another time.Took me so long to start and to later make it a lifetime project that I enjoy so much😜😜.

    Saying that you’ll do something another time hinders you from achieving something else.We are afraid of making the necessary changes in our lives today because we are too comfortable in our zones.

    But until you decide to do something today and now then will you realise the hidden potential within you to do much more.

    💠I cannot do it.

    Sometimes we imagine doing something and think that we can’t. We end up saying ‘thats for the strong ones’. Until we perceive ourselves to be strong and capable everything we want to do will always be too much of a task to us.

    Giving up is never an option in life. Success is as a result of many failures and mistakes.Through the mistakes and failures we learn what to and not to so as to succeed.

    💠My past will always haunt me.

    Everyone has a past.We all have done thing we regret and wish we never did but that should not be the reason we don’t achieve.

    The past will only haunt you if you allow it to. It can’t be forgotten..yeah..but we can live without it limiting our success. That is why its the past…long time ago. 

    Its good to forget the past and allow God to do greater things in your life.

    💠I can’t live without him/her or it.

     No one and nothing is meant to stay in your life permanently and so you can live without them or it. Just because someone you love left you for someone else doesn’t mean its the end.

    God will always give us the right people and things when He sees it’s the right time for us to receive.Be patient and let go those who have left.

             °°°°its all about mind set°°°°


    What other lies do you think we tell ourselves?Feel free to give me feedback and your thoughts about this post via comment section or my email address. I’ll appreciate😄😄


    Be blessed❤❤❤❤

    ❄Wait and Watch❄

    No one likes to be kept waiting because it is boring,tiresome and also frustrating. But it is in waiting that we receive. Many times we pray to God to help us in our everyday endevours may it be a job,good health or even to have a child.
    We often end up loosing it and give up on prayer just because we think that God is not doing anything which isn’t so. He definately listens but for Him to grant us our wish we have to be patient and persistent in prayer.To Him no time is a long time.He always fulfills.

    The period between prayer and receiving is the most difficult time to humans but it is during this time that we are tested,that our faith is shaken but we have to be careful and watch….stay alert and failure to which we wont receive.

    Just like a guard stays awake at night to watch over his master’s property not knowing when he’ll be back so must we stay alert to watch for God’s blessings upon our lives.

        °°°To receive we must WAIT and WATCH°°°

    Be blessed❤❤❤